Andrew Lincoln Discusses The Parallels Between Negan And Rick…

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-07-18

Rick Grimes And Negan’s Similarities

At first, fans will obviously hate Negan. He kills both Abraham and Glenn in the very beginning,

But, when fans think a little harder, it’s possible that if Rick were in Negan’s position, he may have done the same type of thing.

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Leadership is a tricky subject. If Rick had never met Negan, it’s likely that he would do anything to keep Alexandria safe. If someone had come in and killed a dozen of his people, he probably would have done more than kill two people with a bat.

Rick and Negan aren’t so different.

Andrew Lincoln Talks About Negan And Rick

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Andrew Lincoln revealed, “I do think there’s a brutality to Rick that is not his natural way of operating as a leader. It’s only brought into account when he is threatened or the people he loves are threatened. It’s not about coercing others into living the way he wants you to live. It’s not a dictatorship.”

“[Rick’s] a much more benevolent [leader] but if he feels threatened, as he did by the Saviors, and he knew that the only way to eradicate that threat is by killing, then he’s not afraid of doing something that actually appears morally questionable. I do think he was full of hubris.”

“I think after the battle for Alexandria he believed his own hype and he said a couple of things that were pretty grand statements. Maybe that weakness in his leadership, his pride, made him make a call that was questionable. And Morgan’s restraint was perhaps the right call.”

Rick Grimes Fights For Morals

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In the end, Andrew Lincoln believes there are several similarities between Rick Grimes and Negan, but he thinks there is more morality within Rick. The morals and the people that he loves and fights for makes him different.

In addition, if the show follows the comic, thanks to Negan, Rick Grimes will be a much better leader after this is all over.

Do you think Rick could ever be as evil as Negan?

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