Fans Shocked That Andrew Lincoln Completely Shaved Off Rick Grimes’ Beard


If an actor is seen offset with a new haircut or look, most fans are quick to think this means death for their character on The Walking Dead. Not long ago, Andrew Lincoln was spotted with a shaved beard, which has fans wondering about Rick Grimes this season.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Unlike Carl Grimes’ haircut, Rick’s beard should grow back before the show starts filming again. Season 8 completely wrapped before Thanksgiving, so the show is ahead eight episodes before Andrew Lincoln is needed back on set.

The actor arrived clean-shaven for a charity event in the United Kingdom.

Andrew Lincoln Shows Up Clean-Shaven

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit Twitter

According to Comic Book, “Lincoln popped into the Stroud bowling alley in the United Kingdom over the weekend to knock down a few pins in support of a MacMillan Cancer Support charity event.”

Actor Andrew Lincoln is well known as a charitable person. In the past, he’s donated the bulk of his Walker Stalker ticket sales to similar events. Sales come from tickets to enter, tickets to sign autographs, and photo ops.

It’s unclear if Andrew Lincoln got tired of the beard or simply wanted to be more recognizable back home since he doesn’t usually have a beard off-set.

Rick Grimes Actor Poses For Pictures

Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit Twitter

The clean-shaven actor posed for a few photos at the charity event, but there’s no report of his bowling skills. The clean-shaven version of Rick certainly looks a lot like the early days of the series.

Before Rick Grimes grew out an enormous beard, he decided to arrive clean-shaven, in his Sheriff’s uniform. Back then, he was thinking this thing (the outbreak) would be over soon and he wanted to look respectable when the military arrived.

After the camp was attacked repeatedly, Rick had to go against Shane’s wishes and move the camp, eventually to Hershel’s farm. Over time, Rick’s beard and his hair grew out, leaving that Sheriff’s look behind.

Similarly, Daryl Dixon grew out his hair and so did Carl Grimes. In fact, Carl hasn’t gotten a haircut since Lori died. She was the last person to cut his hair.

What do you think of Andrew Lincoln’s new look at the event? Have you read what Andrew Lincoln said about Glenn’s death (read here)?

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