Andrew Lincoln On Bringing Justice To The Walking Dead Graphic Novel


Audiences have watched Andrew Lincoln shoot walkers and question men for seven seasons  on AMC. The British actor has changed a great deal since the series began, but he’s never wanted to do anything but bring justice to the character of Rick Grimes, and Robert Kirkman’s story, The Walking Dead.

“I just want to make [Rick Grimes] honorable, truthful, and raw. I want to do justice to the graphic novel,” said Andrew Lincoln to Buzz Focus. “The great thing that I loved about reading [the novel] was that [Rick] is an everyman. I really related to him and people have such a great affection for him because they see themselves in him.”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Playing the Everyman

Continuing, Lincoln added, “He’s a mirror. He could be anyone but he gets pushed into a situation where you don’t know what to do. I read it and said, “That’s how I would react in those circumstances.” If I wanted to see my family and this was the heightened world that I existed in, that’s how I would want to react.”

Andrew Lincoln gave this brief interview at the beginning of his career as Rick Grimes, but he’s stayed true to the character throughout. His character killed a best friend, has done anything to save his children, and lost a battle with some of his greatest enemies while remembering not to lose himself.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Everything Must Cost

“He’s driven. He’s a very practical man that gets eroded by the situation,” added Lincoln in a metaphor about rocks in a river or the Grand Canyon.

“That was the intriguing thing for me. I said to Frank [Darabont], when we first started filming, I said “Everything must cost this guy. He’s not your archetypal, impenetrable hero. He just finds himself in the situation and people start looking to him.”

Lincoln drew on himself to shape the character of Rick Grimes and then put himself in this extreme world of The Walking Dead. “It makes for an extraordinary drama,” added the man behind Rick Grimes. Hopefully Rick will continue to grow in these final episodes of Season 7 and find a way to fight back against Negan.

How would you detail the transformation in Rick Grimes since the beginning of The Walking Dead?


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