Andrew Lincoln And Norman Reedus Talk Rick-Daryl Bromance

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-05-12

Andrew Lincoln And Norman Reedus Talk Bromance

Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit TV Guide

“What accent are you doing now? You’re really confusing me,” jokes Norman Reedus in an interview with TV Guide, next to co-star Andrew Lincoln. “I’m going to go into the British thing now,” jokes Lincoln.

Lincoln is describing a very serious reaction to reading the script for Season 7 where he dropped the script and Reedus only pokes fun at his hand gestures while Lincoln tries to keep his composure.

Based on the video, it appears that Reedus has nothing to say.

Lincoln Spills The Beans On Bromance

“I haven’t seen it much this season,” said Lincoln, in reference to the Daryl Dixon and Rick Grimes Bromance. “That’s been one of my favorite aspects.” Reedus mouths, “what the f*ck?” and then hits Andrew Lincoln.

“Actually, there is one episode that’s very bromantic,” confirms Reedus, likely referring to the Rick and Daryl reunion at Hilltop. This particular interview seems to be between the first and second half of Season 7 on The Walking Dead.

The two then spoke about their real-life bromance.

“Walk Talk Everyday” Said Reedus

Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln | Photo Credit TV Guide

“We talk everyday, sort of like little old ladies on the phone,” said Reedus. “All the time.” Andrew Lincoln chimes in, “My wife is getting concerned.” The duo then pose for various pictures together.

“I send him little cartoon pictures of us in bath tubs and stuff,” joked Reedus. “And when we check into a hotel,” began Reedus, which makes Lincoln laugh on the spot, “he always makes sure that I’m the opposite end of the hotel.”

“He always tries to get his room right next to mine,” said Andrew Lincoln. They then discuss their time in the first half of Season 7, where Andrew Lincoln was getting eaten up by ticks, while Norman Reedus was learning how to juice.

We look forward to seeing lots more of this bromance when the series returns.

Which character is your favorite—Rick or Daryl?

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