Andrew Lincoln Actually Wasn’t The First Choice To Play Rick Grimes

Frank Darabont wanted THIS actor instead...


2010 was an interesting year for television and a life-altering year for Andrew Lincoln. Thanks to shows from the early 2000s like HBO’s The Sopranos and The Wire, episodic television was drastically improving. AMC had launched two mega hits with 2007’s Mad Men and 2008’s Breaking Bad, but the overall consensus was to find a known actor to play the leading man.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For Mad Men, specifically, Jon Hamm was an unknown actor. Creator Matt Weiner had to fight to Hamm. He even went around the offices to introduce him as “the pick” for the job, when the studios wanted another face. On Breaking Bad, most people were familiar with Bryan Cranston from countless other shows, but he wasn’t exactly famous.

Based on Cranston’s one episode of The X-Files, creator Vince Gilligan wrote the series for the actor’s lesser-known, series side. A few years later and AMC was struggling to get The Walking Dead off the ground. Like Mad Men, they were considering hiring a known actor for the lead role.

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