Here’s Every Tiny Detail Of Rick Grimes’ Attack You Probably Didn’t Notice


Off-season talk around The Walking Dead was how Rick Grimes was going to attack Negan. In the Season 8 premiere, we got to see the Rick Grimes attack, which consisted of several intricate methods.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

First, the group had to prep. The show opened with some welders making moving walls that could be attached to vehicles. This mainly happened in Alexandria, but then the vehicles were taken to a field so everyone could meet.

At the field, Rick Grimes’ attack was explained, along with an inspirational speech.

Play-by-Play, Rick Grimes Attack

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The actual Rick Grimes attack began with a message to Dwight. Daryl Dixon messages his evil counterpart to find out where the lookouts would be. Then, Morgan, Daryl, and Rick started to take out these lookouts.

In the next phase, Rick’s group headed towards the Sanctuary. Rick killed the final lookout himself with a knife and then signaled for the others. The various vehicles started to head towards the Sanctuary.

Rick Grimes then shot at the Sanctuary so Negan would come out.

The Second Phase, Rick Grimes Attack

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In somewhat of a surprise, Rick told Negan’s various Lieutenants that they could surrender. Gavin looked as if he would have given in, but then Negan brought out Gregory, who tried to say Hilltop would stand with Negan.

About this time, Rick Grimes decided to count. He began at 10, but by the time he got to seven, he started firing on the Sanctuary. The shattered glass started to fall down upon his enemy as they ran for cover.

While Rick Grimes’ attack took out windows and eventually the fence, Daryl Dixon brought in back-up. Since Daryl’s group had already taken out the scouts and lookouts, he was then moving on to his final mission.

After killing various Saviors, Daryl started to round up a herd of walkers. When Rick’s first flank tore down the Sanctuary walls, Daryl brought in hundreds of walkers to take down what was left.

The only problem was that Gregory betrayed Father Gabriel, which left him stuck in a trailer with Negan, surrounded by walkers.

Do you think Father Gabriel will be killed by Negan?


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