AMC Makes Major Reveal… Finally…


Episode 100 Gets Title Name

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

For fans of The Walking Dead, titles say a great deal. AMC has just revealed the premiere episode of Season 8, which is also the 100th episode. There will be a great deal of violence, death, and mayhem in the new episode, “Mercy.”

According to the synopsis, “Rick and his group, along with the Kingdom and Hilltop, have banded together to bring the fight to Negan and the Saviors.” This is, of course, the most simplistic version of the episode.

There are several things we predict from this landmark episode.

Who Will Shout “Mercy” During The War?

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

It’s unlikely that “Mercy” refers to Rick or Negan showing the other one mercy. In reality, they’re both out for blood. We predict that Rick Grimes will strike first in episode 100 of the series.

“Mercy” will be directed by Greg Nicotero. The creators of the show have also said that the show will feature Old Man Rick. The storyline will possibly start to bounce back and fourth in time, unlike ever before.

This will change the linear storytelling from the previous seasons.

Episode 100 Scheduled For October

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

It’s unclear what will happen in episode 100, but we do predict several deaths. It’s likely that Aaron’s boyfriend Eric will die in one of the first episodes. And, it’s possible that Shiva the Tiger will die in the near future.

Both of these deaths will change things for the characters closest to these deaths. Shiva’s death will change the way that King Ezekiel works and leads his crew. Aaron will also be drastically affected by Eric’s death.

Based on the Comic-Con trailer, it looks like Rick Grimes will attack first in episode 100 and Rick will show no “Mercy.” We’ve seen footage of Negan’s fence being knocked down, and Daryl is rounding up walkers to attack the Sanctuary.

When the series begins, it’s going to be “All Out War” for both parties.

Do you think Rick Grimes will kill Negan in episode 100?

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