AMC Celebrates Best Of Carol Peletier With The Walking Dead Marathon

From Cherokee Rose to Lizzie to the King


Last week, AMC celebrated the Dixon Brothers with a marathon of Daryl and Merle episodes. Now, the series is highlighting the iconic Carol Peletier. On July 1, AMC showcased episodes like “Cherokee Rose,” “No Santuary,” and “New Best Friends,” among the ten episodes that played during the marathon.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

It’s hard to believe that Carol Peletier was once an abused housewife. Back in the first season, she had just lost her husband to the outbreak. At the time, it seemed like Sophia was all that she had left. Then, while running around in the woods and eventually finding Hershel’s farm, she lost her daughter.

At this point, Carol hit a new low. Her past life and her current situation finally caught up with her and broke her down. This, however, was also the moment where she connected with Daryl Dixon. Through the story of Cherokee Rose, she and Daryl became closer than anyone on the show.

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