Morgan ‘Actor’ May Have Just Revealed Something About His Future On The Show


Lennie James Wants THIS For Morgan Future

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Even with the 100th episode celebration under wraps, it’s unclear what might happen next on The Walking Dead. Some fans are worried the show has gotten too routine. Others, like Lennie James, are expecting big changes after Season 8 ends.

The next 100 episodes may be anyone’s guess, but upcoming episodes will continue to focus on Negan’s War with Rick Grimes. As a character, Morgan has changed a great deal on the show. He’s been both a peacekeeper and warrior.

Now, he’s leaning back towards his warrior mindset, which could get him killed.

Will Morgan Ever “Put Down The Gun?”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“I would quite like to see what would happen to Morgan if he allowed himself to fall in love again,” said actor Lennie James. “I’d quite like to see what that would do to him. I’d like to see how that would even be possible to happen considering where his head and heart is at this particular moment in time.”

“If you follow Morgan’s ideology, at some point, he’s going to put down the gun,” said the actor. This is certainly true, but based on the fact that he’s sharpening his staff into a spear could still mean trouble.

After Benjamin died last season, Morgan shocked everyone and killed Richard.

Morgan Questions “How We Live…”

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“If his ultimate argument is no longer about how we survive, this is about how we live, then at some point, Morgan’s going to have to decide to live,” said Lennie James. For the actor, this could mean finding love.

Love is something unique on the show. It’s rarely expressed but it’s the underlying message to every action. Dwight did everything out of love. Rick fights for his family. Even Negan’s backstory centers around the love for his wife, Lucille.

Lennie James hopes he can play Morgan as a character who survives his brutal life and comes out on the other side. However, if his downward spiral persists, it’s possible he could die before this happens.

Do you think Morgan will survive Rick and Negan’s War?


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