Is Eugene To Blame For The Death Of Sasha On The Walking Dead?


“He’s still being confronted with everything. Do the right thing. The last conversation he had with [Sasha], she said she still believed in him. A lot of people think Sasha’s death is on Eugene’s hand, but it’s not,” said Josh McDermitt.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Without a doubt, Eugene Porter has turned into the most hated character on The Walking Dead. In fact, some fans have even warmed up to Dwight and moved their anger over to Eugene.

But as far as Sasha’s death, Josh McDermitt said, “She asked for that.”

Josh McDermitt Believes Eugene Is Still The Same

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In his final statement, he doesn’t mean she “Asked” for it, like she had it coming. While speaking to Chris Hardwick on Talking Dead, he made it clear that this was just a plea from Sasha, which he delivered.

Eugene made it possible for Sasha to die in her own way. Otherwise, it’s possible that Negan would have killed her, one way or another. In this way, she got to go out on her own terms.

In many ways, this is the same way that Abraham Ford died.

Sasha Influenced Eugene In Her Final Hours

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There was a flashback scene between Abraham and Sasha, which basically showed their values. Both of these characters wanted to be the ones to stand up for the others and to keep fighting until the end.

In many ways, they both did fight until the end. Abraham was still mouthing off to Negan even after he got hit with Lucille. In Abraham’s eyes, he was taking one for the team; making the ultimate sacrifice for his people.

Similarly, Sasha knew she was going to die. In her final actions, she made sure to save Rosita, told Eugene he could still be good, and died in a way that she could honor Abraham’s death and still take out a few more Saviors as a walker.

Hopefully, all of these thoughts ran through Eugene’s mind when he saw that coffin. In addition, when he found the iPod to make his musical glider, this was still an action down the middle.

Eugene is still playing both sides of the war. Actually Dwight and Eugene both want the same thing, but they’re just going about it in different ways.

Do you think there’s any good left in Eugene? Do you agree with Josh McDermitt?

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