There’s 1 Glaring Problem With Aaron And Eric’s Plan… [SPOILER]


Aaron and Eric lead the pack in the latest attack on The Walking Dead. Their plan is amazing, but it does result in causalities on both sides.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The idea is to surround this group of Saviors and simply keep them cornered. As they pick off Saviors, they simply need to wait it out for the dead to stand and kill the others. Aaron and his group are making the Saviors kill themselves.

But, it does come with a major price.

Is Eric Going To Die On TWD?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fans are expecting to see Eric die this season because that’s something that happened in the comic. Based on the comic con trailer, many fans thought Eric got shot and died in the first attack.

We now know that Eric did get shot in the second episode, but it’s in the gut, so he’s got to time to get to a doctor. Because of where he got shot, this could mean that he survives or it could mean he suffers from a slow death.

Based on the history of the show, we’re expecting a slow death.

How Might Aaron Cope Without Eric?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

In an interview, Ross Marquand said he looks forward to his character Aaron going to a dark place. If and when Eric is killed, this is likely what will bring him down to this place.

In this second episode, we’ve already seen a different side to both of these men. Both Aaron and Eric have arrived as killers, where neither looks particularly pro-active before this episode.

Aaron continues to prove just how tough he is each season. Whether he’s getting beat up by Saviors or gunning them down, he’s fighting out of love. In the latest episode, he even risks his life to get to Eric.

Unfortunately, he got there a moment too late. If Eric does die in the next episode, we’ll see Aaron move from love to revenge as he prepares for the ongoing war.

Do you think there’s a chance that Eric will survive this gunshot?

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