If You’ve Overlooked Aaron In Season 7, You Won’t Be Prepared For [Spoiler]


Aaron Is About To Change His Ways…

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In many ways, Aaron has been overlooked on The Walking Dead. It might be as simple as his clean-cut look or his way of avoiding violence, but he’s a much tougher and a more vital character than he looks.

We’ve gotten to know him as a respectable guy who does what he is told. In Season 8, however, it’s likely we’re going to see a much darker version of Aaron as the All Out War takes over.

For starters, the man’s resume is often ignored.

Aaron, The Future Leader Of Men

The Walking Dead | Photo Comic Book

Before he became the respectable side-character to Rick, Aaron was perhaps the bravest person in Alexandria. He was the one they sent out to find others, and he had to judge a person’s character from afar to determine their worthiness.

And, before the outbreak, we know that he was a bit of a humanitarian. In the comic, he worked as a politico where he made major changes in his area. This is something that will likely come back into play after peace is created.

If nothing else, we expect to see Aaron as more of a leader this season.

From Recruiter To Something More

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

“He always was somewhat of a leader in Alexandria, but I think a lot of the members of Rick’s group, and some of the people of Alexandria never really saw him as one of the main leaders because he was out recruiting a lot,” said actor Ross Marquand.

In addition to this character outline, Marquand also noted that he has tried to continue a diplomatic life, as he lived in Washington D.C. Based on the events of Season 8, however, he’ll understand that can no longer be feasible.

This brings darkness over Aaron, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Once Negan’s Saviors murder his boyfriend, he changes. Eventually, if the story follows the comic, he and Jesus will possibly end up together as well.

Like Morgan or Carol, we’re about to see a role reversal in Aaron as he watches what true evil can do to someone.

Do you think Aaron has what it takes to become a leader?

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