Could THIS New “Trend” Mean This Devastating Prediction For Aaron?


On The Walking Dead, everyone loses loved ones. Most recently, Aaron lost his boyfriend, Eric to a gunshot. Then, however, he was also forced to watch his beloved walk away, reanimated as a walker.

Will Arron Follow The Fate Of Daryl?
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Similarly, this fate also happened to Morgan, Daryl, and Carl Grimes. Each of these men lost a loved one who turned into a walker. One of the first we ever saw was Morgan, who couldn’t kill his walker wife.

This, of course, led to his reanimated wife killing his son, Duane.

Daryl Dixon Kills Merle Dixon

Arron from TWD could go down this same path...
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

For Daryl Dixon, he had to kill his brother Merle Dixon. Merle had died and was approaching Daryl as a zombie. Despite his tears, Daryl did what he had to do and killed his former brother.

For Carl Grimes, he had to do this at an early age. During the birth of Judith, Maggie knew that performing a C-section would mean the death of Lori. She saved the baby but killed the mother.

Carl Grimes had to kill his mother as she turned into a walker.

How Will Aaron Cope With Loss Of Eric?

Arron from The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

During the battle, Eric was shot, so he left him for a moment to finish the battle. The plan was to return later and rush Eric to the Kingdom doctor.

When Aaron returned, however, there was nothing but a blood spot on the tree. Apparently the injury had been worse than both imagined. 

If Aaron, like Morgan Season 1, doesn’t kill Eric on sight, it could cost him his life. Aaron doesn’t seem like the type of guy to have this happen, but dealing with love and emotions can destroy even the toughest of the tough.

Do you think we’ll see Eric later as a walker?

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