7+ Characters That May Have Been Picked Up By Negan On Walking Dead


The most recent episode of The Walking Dead answered a lot of questions. We now know that Henry is still alive and Morgan has lost his mind. We also know that Jadis does have ties with a helicopter and Negan did have a wife named Lucille. But, the big question from the episode is: who did Negan pick up after he left Jadis?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

There are several suggestions as to who he might have ran into on the side of the road. The most extreme example, of course, is that Negan picked up Carl Grimes. This would imply that Carl somehow faked his death (and his burial), and went to the Sanctuary to find some sort of truce.

If Carl Grimes had to dig himself out of a grave, Kill Bill style, he certainly would have been a mess. Most fans don’t really believe this, but the image makes it look a little like Carl Grimes for fans zooming in with fingers crossed. More than likely, these fans are just missing the Grimes boy.

This is clearly the most extreme example, but let’s consider some more realistic possibilities. Again, all we know is that Negan can drive a stickshift and he told his passenger, “Holy hell. If sh*t could sh*t, it still wouldn’t look as sh*tty as you.” In addition, the Savior at the gate wasn’t surprised to see the passenger.

In terms of the image of the passenger, it could be much darker. But, some of our favorite guesses include Gregory, Heath, Dwight, Laura, Sherry, or perhaps a new mystery character.

Gregory And Negan On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Among the many prisoners who escaped from Hilltop, the only one we haven’t seen is Gregory. Rick Grimes and Morgan caught up with the other escapees and promptly killed them all. The worst part about this scene, of course, is that Rick hit bottom when he broke his word.

As for Gregory, it’s hard to imagine him staying too long on his own. Since Negan said his passenger didn’t look so hot, this means the person had been running around in the woods for sometime. From last season, we know that Gregory had never had a kill before, so it’s unlikely he could survive long on his own.

It would also make sense for him to head to the Sanctuary because he’s merely a prisoner at Hilltop. Ironically, if he had stayed at Hilltop, Maggie most likely would have let him out because of his loyalty. At least, this was her decision when it came to Alden and the other Saviors who stayed to fight.

Gregory doesn’t have a ton on information, but he could have caught up Negan on Simon’s attack at hilltop, the prisoners that were killed, and the prisoners that escaped. It’s also possible that he somehow saw Rick and Morgan take down the Saviors, but he may not have been in sight of that incident.

In addition, the Savior at the gate would not have been extremely surprised to see Gregory, since he ran to Negan at the beginning of the war.

Heath And Negan On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Ever since “Swear,” fans have been expecting to see Heath again on The Walking Dead. The characters of Heath and Tara went off to find supplies and got separated on a bridge. There was one clue (a “PPP” badge), but there’s been no sign of Heath since. And, the other characters really haven’t even mentioned his absence.

In reality, of course, Tara actress Alanna Masterson was temporarily written off so she could have a baby and Heath actor Corey Hawkins was busy with Kong: Skull Island and 24: Legacy. But, in the comics, Heath is a big character so fans keep looking for his return. In terms of story, he’s been missing for quite some time. 

In fact, if you think about it, Heath doesn’t even know that Glenn and Abraham have been killed, as far as we know. But, if they wanted to take a major left turn, they could have written Heath as being picked up by the Saviors and then turning. If he took the route of Eugene, he could have been working in an outpost.

Again, this is a stretch, but there was talk of bringing him back before the end of Season 8 on The Walking Dead. If that’s the case, time is running out. Scott Gimple has been vague on when the character might actually return, so let’s keep hunting.

Dwight And Negan On The Walking Dead

Austin Amelio and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Dwight and Negan on The Walking Dead
Image Credit: AMC

After Simon’s attack on the Hilltop, Dwight was likely headed back to the Sanctuary with the others. But, there’s always a chance that he decided to leave and head back to Hilltop. After all, it’s only a matter of time before someone realizes that he was the rat and maybe even that he didn’t actually kill Tara.

Dwight should be welcome at Hilltop, but his time is coming to an end at the Sanctuary. In terms of Simon’s perspective, Dwight took his shot over Simon’s head. As soon as they realize that Tara didn’t die, he may be in trouble. In addition, if anyone noticed that Daryl got his vest back, Dwight will be in trouble.

But, of course, the biggest risk for Dwight is Laura. Back when he turned on his own people, Laura the Savior got away. Based on this information, he may have been out looking for her. Then, if Negan suddenly rolled up on him, he simply would have got in the car and rode back to the Sanctuary.

Then again, if it wasn’t Dwight, the most likely person Negan picked up may have actually been Laura. If Dwight doesn’t find Laura first, he’s going to be in major trouble when Negan does get back to his leadership role.

Laura And Negan On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

We don’t know a ton about Laura. But, we do know she’s the only one who knows the truth about Dwight. “That’s why you didn’t want to block the gates with the trucks,” she told him. “And then you drive right up to this…. It was you, all of it,” said Laura to Dwight at the crossroads. 

In the past, Laura and Dwight were friends. We’ve seen them play table hockey and drink together, but Dwight would have done anything to kill Negan. Clearly, when they got to the firing squad in the road, she never really expected for Dwight to turn. She never really thought how much he loved his wife and hated Negan.

Laura has been missing since that night. It would make the most sense for her to look like “sh*t.” Dwight quickly went to find her at the Sanctuary and when he gave himself up to protect Tara in the woods, he expected she had already returned and told the truth to Negan.

Again, this would make the most sense, but it’s almost surprising that we haven’t seen Laura yet. In fact, since there are only two episodes left, if this isn’t Laura, then she’s likely dead. Besides, Laura is also the only Savior that Negan won’t be at least somewhat angry with.

Sherry And Negan On The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

While Laura is the most likely option, there is another character like Heath that has been promised a return. Dwight’s wife Sherry has been missing since her escape. She’s another person that has a big role in the comic, but hasn’t been on the show for a while now.

Sherry’s absence is actually the reason why Dwight was able to turn on the Saviors. Since she’s no longer at risk, Dwight could put the pieces in order to take down Negan and the Saviors. But, if for some reason she couldn’t take the wilderness any longer, it’s possible she could have flagged down the first car she saw.

It’s possible that Negan would have simply let her in and even forgiven her for her absence. This is another stretch of the imagination, but if Sherry was picked up by Negan, it would change Dwight’s allegiance once more. If Sherry was forced to be a Savior once more, Dwight would have to think again about helping Rick Grimes.

The last time we saw Sherry was back in “Hostiles and Calamities.” She freed Daryl from the Sanctuary and then escaped. Actress Christine Evangelista has since been cast on the series, The Arrangement, but she will return if written back on AMC. “I can’t even imagine what Negan would do if he tracks her down,” she told TV Guide.

A New Or Lesser-Known Character And Negan

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Season 8 has introduced a handful of new characters on The Walking Dead. While we won’t know who is flying the helicopter for some time, we have met newbies like Georgie, Hilda and Midge. There’s always a chance that Negan has something up his sleeve and will run into someone brand new.

In addition, there could be a very big twist if they were to bring on someone like Alpha from the Whisperers. Other than a dead body from the water tower, there’s been no real proof that the Whisperers will arrive on the show. But, this could be an opportunity to unleash a new comic character in the AMC world.

In terms of a lesser-known character, there is a possibility that one of the Saviors survived Morgan and Rick’s attack at the dive bar. There was a lot going on in the bar and while our heroes were focused on walkers and Jared, it’s possible that one of the Saviors simply slipped out the back door.

There’s no real purpose for this scenario to happen, but if it did, then Negan might learn the truth about Rick Grimes. When Rick promised sanctuary to the surviving Saviors, Jared knew he was lying. But, as an audience member, we had never seen this side of Rick before.

Ironically, it’s likely something that Negan would have never done. Say what you will about Negan, but he’s no liar. When Rick Grimes broke his word, he truly hit bottom. This decision, along with what Morgan told him about their first encounter, is what made Rick finally read Carl’s letter.

If Negan were to make the announcement that Rick is nothing but a liar, Alden, Maggie, and the others may question his leadership. It’s unlikely they would ever switch sides, but they may second-guess any plans from a vengeful Rick Grimes.

Fear Meets The Walking Dead In Finale

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Finally, to expand on the idea above, the new character might be someone from Fear the Walking Dead. For months, we’ve been trying to figure out how Morgan fits into the world of Fear. Since the sister series is adding a handful of new characters, it’s possible they will show up on the flagstaff series to escort him to Texas.

In the trailer, Morgan is walking into Texas by foot. But, there’s always a chance that some of these new characters arrive on The Walking Dead first. This way, they could really combine the two shows. Plus, there’s also a rumor that the Fear characters will actually turn into the Whisperers. So, Negan might already know them.

This possibility exists simply because there’s a major gap in the timeline. It doesn’t make any sense for Fear characters to be evil at this point. But, there are approximately three years (give or take) between the two shows. If someone like Madison Clark became Alpha, for example, it would leave an opening for the cross.

Again, this is a major prediction with lots of room for gaps and loopholes, but it’s not completely impossible. After all, we already know the two shows are going to crossover, so why not really shake things up and introduce the switch early. In fact, one of the new characters could even become Alpha.

Who do you think will show up in Negan’s car on The Walking Dead? Is there anyone that might show up we haven’t included above?

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