6 Things You Didn’t Know About The Walking Dead Star Jon Bernthal


“When the show came out, its roots were so humble,” said actor Jon Bernthal from The Walking Dead. About the same time that Talking Dead got started, Bernthal’s character Shane Walsh was heading off the show. Despite leaving, Bernthal still attends Comic Cons and fans also wonder, “What would Shane Walsh do?”

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According to Jon Bernthal, he had no idea that The Walking Dead would ever take off. In fact, the creators had their fingers crossed that maybe one million people would watch and bring on a Season 2 for the show. At the time, actor Woody Harrelson actually told Bernthal the show was viewed by 5 million people.

“We kind of felt like the assholes who were making the zombie show,” said Bernthal when comparing The Walking Dead to Breaking Bad and Mad Men on AMC.

Jon Bernthal Was Never On Talking Dead

At the time, Talking Dead didn’t exist, so Jon Bernthal never got the chance to be on the show. However, this podcast episode somewhat represents some of that fan talk around Shane as a character. Hardwick soon asked the actor what would happen if Shane was still alive or what might be different.

Bernthal said Shane Walsh was the first guy to figure out the rules of the new world (or lack thereof). “It all started with that character Ed, who is beating his wife, Carol. That day, he’s told by Lori to leave her alone and [Shane] saw him do it again.” Then, in this fight, Shane essentially realized he was in the new world.

“You know what, actually in this world, I can do what I want,” he said about his character. Bernthal referred to this as a “beautiful frustration.”

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