90% Of Walking Dead Fans Didn’t Know This About Lauren Cohan


Lauren Cohan Moved To USA From UK

LaurenCohan | Photo Credit Mindy Project

You may have noticed Lauren Cohan’s British accent once or twice on The Walking Dead. It’s not as obvious as Rick Grimes actor Andrew Lincoln (“Coorrraaallll”), but she’s another British actress who came to America.

Lauren Cohan Converted To Judaism

LaurenCohan | Photo Credit Instagram

At the age of 5, Cohan converted to Judaism when her mother remarried. She then attended Hebrew school and celebrated a traditional bat mitzvah. She still appreciates the “tradition, the culture, and the history” of the faith.

The Jewish faith is still very important to her.

Lauren Cohan Appeared On Supernatural

Lauren Cohan | Photo Credit CW
LaurenCohan | Photo Credit CW

Before she landed the role of a lifetime on The Walking Dead, the actress appeared on series like The CW’s Supernatural where she played a thief named Bela Talbot. She also played a vampire on The Vampire Diaries.

Lauren Cohan Brings Dog To Set

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

The British actress is also a big animal lover, so she’s been known to bring her dog to set. The 35-pound pup actually likes being around the walkers but they’re covered with things that make them smell sweet to the pup.

Greg Nicotero and the gang use sugary mixes for fake blood and props.

Lauren Cohan Scared Of Horror Movies

LaurenCohan | Photo Credit The Boy

Despite being on one of the most well-known horror series of all time, the actress hates horror movies. Surprisingly, she was also in a 2016 thriller known as The Boy, but she hates watching scary movies.

Lauren Cohan Major Celebrity Crush Is…

Jeff Bridges | Photo Credit Nerdist

Despite being only 35, the actress’ celebrity crush is a man 30 years older than her. Cohan said it’s not romantic, but her “everything crush” is actor Jeff Bridges.

“It’s not a romantic crush; it’s just kind of an everything crush,” she said of the 67-year-old star. “I love him as an actor, I love his voice, I love his smile. OK, now it sounds romantic — but it’s not!”

Did you know all of these awesome facts about actress Lauren Cohan?