5 Incredible Things We Never Knew About Negan Until Last Sunday’s Episode…


Negan Doesn’t Really Trust Anyone

In somewhat of a “heavy lies the crown” sort of way, Negan’s first response is to punish Dwight rather than speak to him. Despite the respect he aims for, he really doesn’t trust any of his men. “You were supposed to break him. Did he break you?” asked Negan.

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Negan Will Joke In Any Situation

“Morning sunshine. Is it just as cozy as you remember?” asked Negan to Dwight, through the door of the cell. Despite being furious about Sherry and Daryl, Negan will always joke, even during torture.

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Negan Believes In The Finer Things

When Eugene responds that he was gifted some pickles, Negan tells him that that’s not enough. Rick clearly believes in respect and the finer things of life.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Negan Understands His Enemy

“Daryl’s not like you. He’s emotional. So he’s either on his way home or he’s coming back to kill more of us. Mainly you and me,” confirmed Negan during a conversation with Dwight. He understands Daryl’s mindset. 

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Negan Only Needs One

When Negan killed the doctor, it was clear that he believes one is good enough. He only had two doctors and decided to kill one of them out of anger and lack of respect. Killing a doctor is idiotic, but Negan feels like one is good enough. 

Do you feel like Negan is stronger or weaker this season?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

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