The Top 6 Fan Predictions That Came True On The Walking Dead Season 8B Premier


Over the past few months, we have been reading up on fan predictions and speaking with die hard fans on Facebook Live. Essentially, there have been a lot of good guesses and many fingers-crossed hopeful comments, mainly around Carl Grimes. Now that The Walking Dead is back, several of our predictions came true.

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Sadly, the closer we got to Season 8, Episode 9, the more it seemed like Carl Grimes would actually die in the premiere. At first, we thought there could be some sort of chance for the boy. Even Robert Kirkman tried to deny the certainty of his death, but there was no special sauce or secret formula to save the hero.

Basically, we were unfortunately right about young Carl Grimes. No one can survive a bite to the torso.

The Walking Dead Immunity Theory Is Wrong

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A week before The Walking Dead came back on television, we decided Carl Grimes had about a ten percent chance of survival. The fan theories to save Carl became more and more detailed, but less likely. The first fan theory was that maybe a walker with dentures bit him, so it might not kill him.

The second was that a Whisperer bit Carl, which meant it was a regular person and not a walker. There was some backstory to this idea, seeing as there was evidence of a Whisperer kill at the Sanctuary water tower. This too, turned out to be false. Finally, there was the idea that Carl Grimes would be immune.

Since this theory would completely reshape the show, it was the least likely but not necessarily impossible. Now, however, that theory has also been debunked. Unfortunately, we were right that Carl would in fact die from the bite.

Young Henry Would Be With Nibila, But…

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The next theory was somewhat right and somewhat wrong. After the death of Benjamin, his little brother Henry was gunning to get into the fight. Carol turned him down and told him to stay home. Basically, everyone wanted for him to know how to defend himself, but try to be a kid a little bit longer. Henry had other plans. 

When the premiere came on, some fans were wondering if Henry would be working with Carol, but we felt like he should stay with Nibila. After all, she can pack a punch. But, at some point during the night, Henry did escape and ran through the Kingdom with the intention of helping the King.

The boy had fought some walkers before, but when he stuck a spear through Gavin’s neck, this was his first real kill. It’s unclear how this will change the boy, but it’s possible it will make the killer version of Morgan slow his role and rethink his decisions to take everyone out.

Carl Grimes Was Speaking To Judith In Voiceover

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During the Nightmare trailer, there was a combination of voiceovers from Carl Grimes. In some of the scenarios, he was speaking to his father. But, when he was referring his mother’s death, he was actually speaking to Judith. This made the scene much more intense, to know he was wishing a better future for his little sister.

“Sometimes kids gotta show their parents the way,” he told Judith. In this scene, he’s purposely making sure his dad Rick (and Saddiq) hears the comment. “Before mom died, she told me that I was going to beat this world. I didn’t. But you will,” he told his little sister. “I know you will.”

Many fans were less thrilled with Daryl Dixon’s goodbye. But, the scene also moved into another prediction about Carl’s Sheriff hat.

Baby Judith Is The Recipient Of The Sheriff Hat

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This moved into another prediction about Carl’s hat. Originally, we were not sure if he would give it back to his dad or be buried with it, but then we started to discuss the better idea of Carl giving the hat to his little sister.

“This was dad’s before it was mine. Now it’s yours. I don’t know—just having it always kept dad with me. Made me feel as strong as him. It helped me,” said the dying boy. Within this comment, it’s also possible that Judith will one day wear the hat and have the strength of her father and brother. “Maybe it will help you, too.”

This idea is actually similar to the watch that Maggie has. Originally, it was her father’s, but then he gave it to Glenn. Now, when she holds it and contemplates how to run Hilltop, she’s thinking of both her father and her late husband.

Morgan And Carol Saved King Ezekiel

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Amidst the Carl goodbye, Carol and Morgan worked to save the King. Morgan was barely in Season 8, Episode 8, but we did see him outside the walls of the Kingdom. Luckily, he was able to bump into Carol before the guard saw either. Thankfully, they worked together and saved the King.

But, we did learn that Morgan was back in a bad place. It is good that he is able to kill those who get in his way, but he went out of his way to kill them all. Carol and Morgan could have killed a few and escaped. But, Morgan wanted everyone dead and his actions lead to Henry killing Gavin with a spear.

Old Man Rick Turned Out To Be Carl’s Dream

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Finally, there’s the Old Man Rick scenario. When they first showed this vision, it seemed like it was Rick’s vision of the future but something didn’t quite feel right about that. Mainly, we had seen Rick’s vision before and it was clear, even though a dead Glenn and Abraham were there.

With the Old Man Rick hallucination, the video was fuzzy, like a dream. Basically, this made it clear that it was actually Carl’s vision for the future. That explains why it was blurry, because he was dying while having the vision. But, there was still a surprise at the end when Judith walked up to a farmer version of Negan. “You can still be who you were. That’s how it could be,” he told Rick. 

What’s your favorite fan prediction that came true on The Walking Dead premiere?

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