4 Ways The Walking Dead Could Go On Without Rick Grimes


New reports indicate that Andrew Lincoln plans to leave The Walking Dead after Season 9 of the zombie drama. According to The Hollywood Reporter, AMC is trying to up Norman Reedus’ contract to $20 million for Season 10 to carry the show. But fans are wondering if the show will even work without Rick Grimes.

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In the beginning, Rick Grimes was a man looking for his wife and child. Then, he’s had to deal with the death of both of these characters. Daryl Dixon is a loner, so most of his struggles are within. While this deal would make Reedus one of the highest paid actors on television, we’re wondering if it will work.

In order for Daryl Dixon to take over, the writers are going to have to give him a lot more to work with in terms of acting and story. It’s possible he could start to take over some of Rick’s storyline. This is what happens in the past when the show moves away from the comic book.

So Daryl’s story could fall somewhere in between. He could side with Maggie temporarily but if she took things too far, he could step back and help Rick. This would most line up things with the comic book. Then, Daryl could take over the show as the new leader.

But, it’s also possible that Negan could take over the show. Fans will hate this example, but there are clues in the comic book which make it a possibility. 

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