4 Incredible Cliffhangers From The Walking Dead Season 8 Finale


A lot of cliffhangers have been answered in The Walking Dead finale. Rick Grimes decided not to kill Negan. Daryl Dixon decided not to kill Dwight. Despite the mercy plays, there are just as many cliffhangers that need to be answered. Plus, there’s one brand new cliffhanger about Maggie that no one expected.

Among the many cliffhangers from the finale, some of our favorites include the new horde, the reason behind Morgan’s exit, Jadis’ real name, and the insane civil war that is brewing amongst the communities.

1) The Walking Dead Cliffhanger: The Whisperers?

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

At the end of the episode, fans were shocked to see Rick Grimes slit Negan’s throat. However, as he turned around to face his people, he made it clear that this was not meant to be a kill shot. Siddiq ran over to save Negan as Rick told the new prisoners to put their hands down.

This entire scene was meant to set up the future of the show. It was meant to showcase Rick’s vision of Carl’s future. In addition, it was also meant to highlight the real enemy. As our hero spoke about freedom and a new world, he made reference to the gigantic horde of walkers heading towards the living.

But, some fans believe this horde may actually be made up of the Whisperers. It doesn’t mean that the full group is made up of Whisperers. But, they could certainly be hidden amongst the walkers. Plus, there could actually be thousands of new enemies amongst the walking dead.

Since there was another reference to the Whisperers when Rick found a dead sniper outside of the Sanctuary, this could mean they’re nearby. In the comic books, the Whisperers are known for setting up a territory and then killing anyone who crosses the line.

The final battle took place in a new territory so this could mean that our heroes have already crossed the line. Plus, like Game of Thrones, whether or not the horde is made of walkers or Whisperers, the various groups are going to have to unite to fight off a greater enemy.

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