3 Reasons To Watch Fear The Walking Dead This Summer


Fear The Walking Dead Returns This Summer

Fear The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Set a few years before The Walking Dead’s storyline, the sister-series Fear the Walking Dead starts during the apocalypse. These characters are growing within the pre-apocalyptic setting, similar to the original zombie flicks from Romero.

Some fans jumped ship early because of the slow burn behind Fear, but despite the abuse, the show goes on, like many of its characters. While Fear may never reach Walking Dead success, it’s worth the watch.

First of all, the show explains a few things about The Walking Dead.

Fear Explains What’s Happening During Outbreak

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Fear the Walking Dead overlooked a few of the outbreak led events by tossing some characters out, to see for a good chunk of time, but the third season will start to introduce the military and the militia keeping the world together.

On The Walking Dead, fans only know that something to do with the “TS-19” episode tried to explain the outbreak, but then they went on with their story, regardless of whether or not fans were satisfied.

Fear the Walking Dead will try to explain what happened.

Strong Walkers, Developed Characters, More Story

Fear the Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Next, the walkers on Fear the Walking Dead are stronger than those on the current season of The Walking Dead. Do you remember when those walkers on Negan’s fence just fell apart? Let’s just say Fear’s walkers are a little more “fresh.”

The core characters on Fear the Walking Dead are also less prepared to fight these strong walkers, so it’s more like the early seasons of The Walking Dead. The lead characters aren’t like Carol, Rick, and Daryl, so they could be eaten at any time.

Finally, Fear the Walking Dead has more developed characters than The Walking Dead. This isn’t to say that Rick Grimes isn’t developed, but there were too many episodes where we had to follow around Tara or the Governor that weren’t necessary to the real plot of the show.

Will you give Fear the Walking Dead a chance this summer?

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