3 Major Advances We Expect To See In Georgie’s Prepper Survival Guide


When Georgie was introduced in Season 8 of The Walking Dead, several fans pointed out that she must be Pamela Milton from the comic books. In the episode, she introduced the Hilltop community to a book of knowledge. Inside the prepper survival guide, there were the building blocks of putting a society back together.

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Personally, we do not think that Georgie will be able to gather 50,000 people in a stadium between now and the inevitable 2-5 year time jump on The Walking Dead, but that’s another story. For now, however, let’s talk about the book she gave Maggie and what Alden and company might be able to do with it.

Based on the brief description in the episode, the book is full of hand-drawn illustrations. Thanks to this guidance, the group can create windmills, watermills, lumber, and grain to improve their current society. In a way, it might even be possible for Carltopia to happen after all. 

Inside Georgie’s Prepper Survival Guide

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Inside Georgie’s prepper survival guide, which she titled “A Key to a Future,” there are countless plans, suggestions, and hand-drawn sketches that Georgie either put together from memory or from a library. The pant-suit city-slicker described the book as “medieval human achievement” for the new society.

Georgie isn’t in the comic book, but there was a 2-5 year time jump that may be explained by her book. In the comic book, the story begins around two years after the war with Negan. Jesus has bulked up and changed a great deal. Meanwhile, Heath has a prosthetic leg.

Their big goal, of course, has been to move the herd of walkers away from the various communities. This was partially introduced in the Season 8 finale. But, character changes aside, the groups have progressed a great deal. In the AMC version, this is thanks to Georgie’s book.

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