11 Amazing Pieces Of The Walking Dead Fan Art You Need To See


There is a ton of great fan art for The Walking Dead, but the best pieces aren’t just about realism or accuracy. The best pieces of fan art also showcase minor Easter Eggs, tributes, and even fan predictions. 

TWD Fan Art | Photo Credit Pixeltist

The image above, from LED, highlights the leader version of Rick Grimes. 

After Terminus, when Rick and company make it to Alexandria, he sees hope once more. “How long have you been out there?” asked Deanna Monroe, the leader of Alexandria. “Since the beginning,” said Rick Grimes in a raspy voice. “How did you all find each other? Did you know each other before?” she asked. “We didn’t know each other before,” he said. “You should keep your gates closed… It’s all about survival…”

Aaron recruits the group to visit Alexandria when they once again learn things are not the way they seem. The suburban area looks almost as if there aren’t walkers outside the gates. Thanks to a tractor-trailer barricade, most of the walkers have passed the area, as if it’s an island of safety amongst the chaos.

Deanna isn’t sure what to do with Rick Grimes. She knows that she needs his knowledge and abilities, but he also appears to be a fox in the henhouse. Soon, she decides to make Michonne and Rick the Security within Alexandria. Seeing evil within the walls, however, Rick is soon forced to kill wife-beater, Peter Anderson.

Then, he becomes the leader of Alexandria. But, despite his killer leadership abilities, Rick still has to fight off zombies season after season. 

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