Walking Dead Photos, Trailers, And More…

Walking Dead | Photo Credit Fanfest Season 7 of The Walking Dead ended a few months ago and Season 8 won’t be on AMC until October, but there’s about to be some new content released at the annual San Diego Comic Con.

Every year, the trailer for the upcoming season is released at the annual event, so we’re not too far away from seeing what Rick and Negan are up to as the event is scheduled to take place on Friday, July 21 in San Diego.

The official scheduled begins the morning of, in Hall H.

The Walking Dead, Game Of Thrones, And More…

Game of Thrones | Photo Credit HBO

Comic Book writes:

“The official schedule has Fear the Walking Dead slotted for 11:15 am PT in Hall H. The Walking Dead will directly follow, kicking off at 12:15 pm PT in the same Hall. Fear the Walking Dead will be approaching the end of its third season by the time San Diego Comic Con rolls around. The Walking Dead, however, will have reached the midway point on production of its eighth season.”

“Following the panels in Hall H will be Game of Thrones at 1:30 pm PT and AMC’s Preacher at 4 pm PT. Earlier in the day, The Big Bang Theory will kick off the day at 10 am PT. Fans hoping to see The Walking Dead panel will likely have to line up outside of the San Diego Convention Center beginning Thursday night and attend the panels leading up to the AMC show’s slot.”

News On Negan, Rick Grimes, And The Gang

The Walking Dead | Photo Credit AMC

Before any new trailers are released, a few new photos will be shown that give away a few details about Season 8 of the series. The key art will likely show what’s going on both in Alexandria and within the Sanctuary.

Based on one leaked photo, we predict that Rick Grimes and company will attack the Saviors on their turf in the premiere.

Do you think Rick Grimes will kill Negan this season like he promised?

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