According to Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, there are “river-rats” and there are rednecks. As Phil was reading in Romans Chapter 12, “Be good to your enemies. To good to those who persecute you. Do not return evil for evil.” He found it hard to believe God was talking about river-rats.

You see, according to Phil Robertson, river-rats are thieves. In fact they are far better thieves than rednecks. Now, he’s thinking that the bible is telling him he needs to be good to them. Do not return evil for evil?

Here’s the problem. At this time, Phil is providing for his family full of growing boys by fishing. It was his only lively hood. And these river-rats would steal his fish.

“I’m working my tail off.”

All the while, Phil is reading his bible. His bible is telling him not to return evil for evil. Not only that, but if they’re hungry feed them.

Up until now, the way Phil handled it was to sneak up on the thieves with a shotgun and say, “The next person who moves–dies.”

 “They’re stealing my fish here Lord,”

And you want me to do what? Feed them.

Phil thought to himself, that not returning evil for evil, and feeding thieves made no earthly sense. But he was willing to see if it would work.

Here’s how Phil describes what happened next in his interview with I Am Second.

One day I heard a motor slow down. These guys pull over to my float, and I’m watching over in the bushes. So I decided I’m going to be good to ’em. But I’m carrying my gun with me. Just in case they’re not good to me. And I’m going to do what the Lord said. I’m gonna be good to ’em.”

So I roll up on them, when they just about got my net in their boat. And they look up and they see this guy coming up on them. That’d be me. Wide open.

I said, “What you boys be doin with that net?”

They said, “Oh, is that what that was?”

I said, “Yeah…That belongs to me.”

Here’s the good news. We’re going raise that net, and whatever’s in it, I’m gonna give ’em to ya.”

Those boys were wide eyed in disbelief. But the strangest thing happened after that. All up and down the river, those river-rats actually stopped stealing the Robertson family’s fish. After he gave them what they were trying to steal.

“God was right.”

Together with his wife, “Miss Kay” and his sons, Phil began his duck call business from his living room. He crafted it himself. He called his business Duck Commander.

The first year in business, he made eight-thousand duck calls. Phil said, “Miss Kay. We are rolling in it. She said, “We are going to starve to death.”

No. We’re going to be alright.

Within just a few short years, Phil with the help of his four sons turned Duck Commander into a multi-million dollar business.

All four boys, and their wives, run the company.

One of his boys came to him and asked him if he remembered when they made eight-thousand duck calls. He did. That’s when he found out that that year they were going to make eight-million duck calls.

Some would call it dog-luck. But not Phil Robertson. He gives all the credit to “God Almighty in the heaven.”

From the fish that were in the way back to the duck call sales, to his very life. Phil Robertson gives credit to the Almighty God.


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