3Watch one episode of Duck Dynasty, and you’ll understand how the Robertson men are wired. They’re built with a competitive gene inside.

source: YouTube

Usually, this proves true in very entertaining ways. And in this particular episode, that is exactly what happens.

In episode eight of season eight, the Duck Commander guys do something they call “awesome” and “every redneck’s dream.” It, of course, was NASCAR-related. The guys visited a racetrack to get a chance to drive a NASCAR car. As you can guess, they turned it into a competition.

Martin tried first. Keyword: tried. He was two big to fit in the seat.

So then Godwin also gave it a shot.

“I can’t reach the pedals,” he said once he got in the driver’s seat.

Then Jep jumped behind the wheel.

“I feel strong, boys,” he said. “Real strong.”

He zoomed around the track, completing a pretty good lap.

“Driving the car was awesome,” he said. “Very scary, but fun. That five minutes was exhilarating.” 

But then Jase took a turn, and he completely crushed Jep’s time at 28 seconds.

And then, of course, Uncle Si had to try. He promised to beat Jase’s time.

“I’m gonna beat that by a minute, son,” he said to Jase.

He took off, screeching around the turns and driving in the grass. And right as he approached the finish line, the car ran out of fuel, burning the last drop…

source: YouTubeBack

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