The Griffin Equivalency- Raj Gets Featured In PEOPLE Magazine


It’s been ten years of The Big Bang Theory. That’s ten years of laughs, plot lines, and ever changing stories. In celebration of the upcoming renewal for seasons 11 and 12 we’re looking back at some of our fan favorite episodes.

The Griffin Equivalency

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The Griffin Equivalency is the fourth episode of the second season of Big Bang, and features Raj getting a chance to be in People Magazine, and subsequently treating his friends like dirt.

The Big Bang men talk about receiving a Nobel Prize a lot, but it seems being featured in People Magazine is just as high of an award in their eyes. When Raj announces to the gang that he will be in the “30 Visionaries Under 30” issue, everyone is very jealous. Raj was selected for discovering the trans-neptunian object 2008 NQ17. 

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Raj tends to be dramatic and get carried away with things. This is no exception. He immediately hires an assistant, starts ordering people around, and has an inflated ego. Nobody wants to go to the award reception with him because they’re so annoyed. Penny however wants to attend in support of her friend. She doesn’t realize that Raj believes the pair will be on a date.

Comedy Continues

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The comedy continues when Raj drinks too much at the ceremony. He comes onto Penny, with no success. He even drunkenly webchats his parents and introduces her as his girlfriend. Penny immediately corrects him, but his parents are already outraged that she isn’t a nice Indian girl. 

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The morning after Raj shows up to apologize. He’s hasty with his apology, but Penny is persuasive. Of course Leonard walks in on the pair hugging, and is confused about Penny being in a robe with Raj the morning after. It definitely wasn’t what he thought it was.

We love this episode because it shows how Raj and Penny’s relationship evolved, and also allows Raj to be a bit of a diva. Did you enjoy The Griffin Equivelancy?