BREAKING: Duck Dynasty Cast Makes Devastating Announcement About The End Of The Show…


With the last ever episode of Duck Dynasty approaching (April 12!), it’s easy to want to just sit at home in your sweatpants eating Cheetos and watching reruns, wishing away the inevitable.

But the cast of the show are here to tell you what they think about the end.

Here are what some of the cast members had to say after the announcement that season 11 would be the last…

Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson (source: Instagram)

“Its been a blast!” Korie said on Twitter. “We are so grateful for y’alls love and support!!”


She seems generally excited for this new chapter, saying on Instagram, “We’re not done yet.”

“Can’t believe it’s been 5 years since we took that pic standing in the duck pond with the guys in cut off tuxes and the girls in gowns,” she said. “We had no idea at that time what was about the happen. We stood there smiling and wondering if people would actually watch our crazy family. Thank you again for following along on our journey!”

Willie Robertson

Willie Robertson (source: Hollywood Reporter)

Willie promises that the last season may be the best yet.

“Thanks to everyone for the past 5 years!” he said on Twitter. “They’ve been awesome! This last season will be great!”

Jase Robertson

Jase Robertson
Jase Robertson (source: Duck Commander)

Jase says the last seasons “is a REALLY long season” and that the Robertson will be back on A&E, doing “an occasional special in the future.”

Missy Robertson

Missy Robertson (source: The Political Cult)

Missy, like many of her family members, is excited for what’s next in the Robertson world.

“Thanks to all our fans!” she said. “We’ve been blessed beyond measure by each one of you. Now onto a new phase in our lives!”

Jessica Robertson

Jessica expressed her love to Duck Dynasty fans on Twitter, thanking everyone for “watching our silly crazy fun family!”

Sadie Robertson

Sadie (middle) with her dad, Willie, and mom, Korie Robertson (source: Charisma News)

And of course, Sadie has something to say about all this.

“It’s been an amazing ride,” she tweeted. “Thank y’all for the incredible journey.”