The Big Bang Theory is easily one of CBS’s most successful shows. Without it, the network wouldn’t be bringing in even close to the amount of revenue it is these days.

However, the show didn’t come to the network in the most conventional way. 

The Big Bang Theory Beginnings

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The Big Bang Theory isn’t your typical comedy. The show centers around socially awkward nerds, not conventionally hot Hollywood types. It breaks boundaries, dares to be different, and reaps in success. That’s why it makes sense that this show didn’t have the most conventional beginnings.

Chuck Lorre, “the king of comedy” and Bill Prady thought of a great idea for a show. They wanted a comedy centered around geniuses with no social skills. Typically when a creator wants to pitch a new show to a network, they’ll write up a premise. They’ll describe each of the characters, the general story line, and a few key details like setting and time period.

Of course, Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady didn’t want to go about things the conventional way. They decided to put a full on show. They hired actors, wrote a script, and quite literally put on a show for the CBS team. Their enthusiasm and over eagerness paid off, and The Big Bang Theory was born. 

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Of course, true TBBT fans know that isn’t the whole story. Yes, the show was picked up, but it took two separate Pilot episodes for the show to stick. The original TBBT didn’t star Kaley Cuoco. There were actually two separate female roles (pictured above) playing the girls next door.

You Might Be Able To Watch The Un-aired Pilot On DVD

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Chuck Lorre says he isn’t very proud of the original pilot. Things just didn’t gel as well without Kaley, and there was no need for two girls. However, Chuck has said he might consider putting the un-aired pilot on one of The Big Bang Theory DVDs.

We’d definitely be interested in seeing a part of TBBT history. Wouldn’t you?

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