The Craziest Before And After Pics Mayim Bialik Has Ever Posted

By Eli Smith | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-08-13

Mayim Bialik loves to show her fans the real raw side of herself that many celebrities choose to conceal. She never holds back when it comes to posting photos of her less than polished life, and her un-makeup-ed face. Here’s Mayim Bialik’s craziest before and after pictures- proving glam teams really do wonders.

Mayim Bialik’s Glam Team

Mayim Bialik recently posted a photo of herself before and after a glam session with makeup and hair artists. The Big Bang Theory actress wrote, “Here’s me before and after doing my own make-up and hair for my upcoming vlog! Not too shabby if I say so myself!” The actress has been focusing on her vlog videos on Youtube, hoping to gain a following and create interesting new content each week.

This wasn’t the first time Mayim has been willing to share her photos BEFORE the hair and makeup chair. Mayim posted this funny selfie showing off a knitted cap that depicts the insides of a brain. The beanie is fitting considering Mayim’s neuroscience background and scientific character on TBBT.

Today's bedhead prefers to be this way.

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Back in June Mayim posted a particularly funny selfie of herself with crazy bedhead. She wrote, “Today’s bedhead prefers to be this way.” Clearly, Mayim is not the kind of star worried about keeping up appearances at all times. She’s willing to show the reality of life as a working mom and natural woman.

Honesty In Sickness

Mayim has been particularly honest with her fans about her illness over this past summer. The star is seemingly well now, and filming Big Bang Theory season 11, but previously she had undergone an entire month of vocal rest. Mayim didn’t speak for thirty days straight- not so much as uttering a sound and communicating through her computer. She told fans she had damaged her vocal chords permanently through singing and acting and is now being careful about how she uses her voice.

Are you inspired by Mayim’s honest representation or turned off by her lack of polished appearance?

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