The Nerdiest, Most Idiotic, And Sheldon-iest Clauses Of “The Roomate Agreement”

The Roommate Agreement by Sheldon Cooper bears the apartment flag on the front by

The key to any successful relationship is organization. Sheldon Cooper has this down to the “t”. The Roommate Agreement is mentioned several times throughout the ten seasons. I am not sure it is so much an agreement as a signing away of freedom, but it proves effective. Both Sheldon and Leonard manage to live harmoniously knowing exactly what bounds they must walk within. While you can surely buy made up Roommate Agreements online, the full official Sheldon Cooper Roommate Agreement is not yet disclosed. But here is a look at some of the best and quirkiest sections.

The Nerd Clauses

Sheldon Cooper at work on his Physics by

These clauses are things only 100% nerds would think to include in a contract.

  • If Sheldon ever becomes a zombie Leonard is forbidden to kill him.
  • Should Sheldon ever create an artificial intelligence that attempts to take over the world, Leonard is obligated to help him destroy it.
  • If Sheldon ever becomes a robot then Leonard is obligated to help him. (Note that this does not include Sheldon using a mobile screen to move about while the real Sheldon sits in his bedroom.)
  • If at any time in the future either Sheldon or Leonard comes up with a time travel device, their first action would be to travel to the time of the signing of the Roommate Agreement exactly 5 seconds after Sheldon was reviewing the clause.

Sheldon’s “good roommate” clause makes all of us chuckle…

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