Young Sheldon Haters Brutalize New Series With Memes


Young Sheldon Torn To Shreds Online

Young Sheldon Meme | Photo Credit Daily Dot

The Big Bang Theory is the most popular sitcom on television, but being the best means there will be haters to take you down. These same haters are expressing their hate for the new series, Young Sheldon.

Since the new series, those who called TBBT the “Bing Bong Theory” have now start brutalizing the prequel. In Young Sheldon, a nine-year-old version of TBBT lead is working on surviving high school as a genius child.

Basically, fans hate that the show highlights unaddressed mental health issues.

Memes Dictate Hurtful Cooper Family 

Young Sheldon Meme | Photo Credit Daily Dot

Some of the harsher memes actually encourage Sheldon’s mother to have an abortion and letting his father kill him. On the internet, this are crude, but sadly typical in the overall, big picture.

One meme writes, “Who the f**k left the bike out in the rain. It’s now reduced to a heap of rust.” Meme Young Sheldon replies, “Actually, Dad, rusting is an oxidative process.” Then, it writes, “Laugh track as Sheldon gets sent to a foster home after his dad dislocates his jaw.”

Another young journalist also had something to say about the new series.

Campus Paper Calls Out New Series

Young Sheldon Review | Photo Credit Twitter

A campus newspaper based the new series with all of their might. In Rochester, the Campus Times asked “Why?” in regards to creating the new show. The writer, Jesse Bernstein, can’t stand the new series.

The Tweet gained a great deal of popularity online, which may have been the point of the publication in the first place. The “article,” which basically just asked “Why?” over and over again, has gone viral.

The writer believes that Sheldon is a “whole detestable character” who doesn’t deserve any sort of empathy. However, given the fact it’s just a character on television, is certainly seems like Young Sheldon is inspiring some sort of emotion, even if it’s just hatred.

While Young Sheldon and the show Parenthood aren’t very similar, the characters of Sheldon Cooper and Max Braverman are somewhat similar. If Parenthood focused on the individual character, would everyone be so harsh about a child with aspergers?

Perhaps because Sheldon is an introvert genius, people feel okay bashing the character, since it’s less relatable to their personal preferences.

What do you think of these harsh memes?