THIS Trick Is The Key Difference Between The Comedic Style Of The Big Bang Theory And Young Sheldon


Many fans of The Big Bang Theory were surprised to hear that Young Sheldon is a different kind of comedy than its sister series. However, many fans of both shows are actually starting to consider Young Sheldon as the funnier series.

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

Since comedy is subjective, it’s not like one person can convince another person to laugh at something they don’t find funny. The Big Bang Theory has been on for ten years, but the new series invites a rebellious type of humor.

Since The Big Bang Theory is mainstream, it can’t make the same type of quiet jokes that the single cam Young Sheldon can pull off.

The Big Bang Theory Versus Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

Indiewire writes, “The only issue: It deserves more than just “Big Bang Theory” fans. While created by Lorre and longtime “Big Bang” producer Steven Molaro, the single-camera series is developing nicely sans laugh track.”

In addition to the statement above, it’s also important to remember that this prequel is much more stylized than The Big Bang Theory. Both shows are meant to feed interest into the other one, but they’re also quite different.

In fact, it’s so different that it’s hard to believe The Big Bang Theory can even work as a lead-in.

The Choice Not To Laugh…

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

On the surface, The Big Bang Theory clearly has more jokes. Since the show is on a laugh track, the audience knows when and where the jokes are supposed to hit. However, Young Sheldon works in a much more subtle way. It’s more like The Wonder Years or other shows that helped to create it.

Therefore, the jokes on Young Sheldon can be seen as cleaner, stronger, and more grounded into the scene. Because there’s no laugh track, the show has to work harder to make you laugh. Since The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom, it’s also more over-the-top than the new series.

With that in mind, The Big Bang Theory is meant to get laugh no matter how and why they push a story forward. But, with Young Sheldon, the comedy that does make it to the screen has to come directly from the scene. With this in mind, it’s more like watching a comedy movie.

Do you think there’s a chance that Young Sheldon is funnier than TBBT?