Flashback: Young Sheldon Finally Sells “Soft Kitty” Origin Story For Sick Shelly


There are at least a dozen running gags, inside jokes, and fan favorites on The Big Bang Theory. But, one of the most utilized jokes comes when Sheldon Cooper gets sick. In a recent episode, prequel Young Sheldon revealed the “Soft Kitty” origin.

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

Apparently, the song was introduced to Sheldon when he got sick as a boy. His mother would sing him the song to make him feel better. Over the years, Penny and Amy have also sang the song to Sheldon (in several languages).

Young Sheldon gave us a look at pre-teen sick Sheldon Cooper.

Young Sheldon Shows Birth Of “Soft Kitty”

“I was a true son of the Lone Star state,” narrated Jim Parsons on Young Sheldon. “Albeit a true son with an incredibly fragile immune system. I woke up the next morning with a temperature of 102 and a head full of mucus.”

Then, Sheldon’s mother started to sing to him. “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr,” sang his mother. Sheldon could only reply, “Sing it again, mom.”

As she sang, the boy appeared to feel better and no quite so sick.

“Soft Kitty” In German, Mandarin, And Navajo…

Unlike current Sheldon Cooper, Young Sheldon at least allowed for his mother to get through the entire song without interrupting her. But, he did request she sing the song more than one time.

Our favorite Soft Kitty episodes fall down to Penny and Amy. For Penny, Sheldon kept making her start over and over. Ironically, Penny was able to step up and be the mother to make him feel better.

Amy Farrah Fowler had it a little more difficult than Penny and Sheldon’s mom. After making her man tea, she asked if he needed anything. Then, she pulled out her instrument to play “Soft Kitty.”

“That’s nice. Now in German,” said Sheldon Cooper. Not surprisingly, Amy busted out the German version. But, when she tried to put her instrument away, Sheldon asked her to play the song in Mandarin.

As the episode faded out, he then requested a Navajo version of the song.

Which version of Soft Kitty has been your favorite over the years?