Your Jaw Will Drop When You Know How Long Young Sheldon Has Been Planned

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-10-03

Young Sheldon Finally Makes It To Air

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

The concept behind Young Sheldon was actually ten years in the making. Last fall, Jim Parsons sent Chuck Lorre and email encouraging the concept. Studio executives later agreed to greenlight the series.

Now, fans of The Big Bang Theory can see what Sheldon Cooper was like as a boy. The two shows are, however, quite different. TBBT is a live audience sitcom where Young Sheldon is a single-cam dramedy.

Chuck Lorre Nervous Over Young Sheldon

Sheldon Cooper(s) | Photo Credit CBS

Chuck Lorre has said he’s a “nervous wreck” on the new series, Young Sheldon. “It’s a wholly different way to tell a story and the working process is very different. It’s much slower, but the end result is something to be proud of, really.”

In order to find someone capable of playing Young Sheldon, the studio heads held auditions and found Iain Armitage. The 9-year-old is a web-based theater critic and also landed a role on HBO’s Emmy heavyweight, Big Little Lies.

Iain Armitage sent in an audition after recording it on an iPhone at his grandmother’s house.

Iain Armitage Perfect For The Role

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

Chuck Lorre described the audition as “spectacular” and said, “We can’t possibly be this lucky.” Jim Parsons, who will also be narrating the show, said the boy was “Astonishing good…he really was.”

Surprisingly, the young actor hadn’t really seen the show. He said it was aimed at a different audience than his age but he had watched a few appropriate clips. Now the duo is working together on the character.

“He was wonderful,” Parsons said about Armitage. “He’s obviously very easy to talk to and we have a lot more in common now than I would have had at the same age as him.” Parsons was actually very shy in school.

Iain Armitage has gained some traction interviewing Broadway stars. This has given the boy confidence to do anything. He’s been on the red carpet and also worked on shows with Steve Harvey in the past.

Have you caught up with Young Sheldon on CBS?

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