Yet another comedy by Jim Parsons?


With another comedy show in the works, he’s a busy man.

another comedy

Over the past couple of weeks, the rumor mill has churned out a gourmet of possibilities. Much of it has centered around Jim Parsons, the one, and only socially-odd Sheldon Cooper. But with the now-dispelled rumor The Big Bang Theory wouldn’t have season 11, many looked to the actor for an explanation.

As most know it, Jim Parsons has quite a few ideas up his sleeve. We’ve learned he plans to be in several creative projects outside TBBT. Most thought he was throwing in the towel for the sitcom and looking for other things.

What’s up now?

It was until recently – think 24 hours recently – that Jim Parsons revealed he’s got another show in the works. Or at the least, a small series. Apparently, Jim is executive producing a small comedy, “Lance 2.0.”

Apparently, the show will utilize a single camera, while focusing on two characters. The basics appear to be thus: a couple is dealing with the how different life is after the boyfriend is in an accident. The accident causes significant personality changes and him and a loss of impulse control. What kind of impulses will he be losing control of? We’re not sure, but we could take a few guesses.

The pilot was written by producer Alex McAulay. Jim Parsons is on board as an executive producer. Jim will also work with Todd Spiewak.

The other details.

Warner Bros. is set to produce for television. Likely we’ll see a pilot in the coming year, although there’s no official confirmation of dates.

With this project, Parsons is stacking his side project deck quite handily. If you weren’t aware already, he has several other co-produced shows in the mix too.  The Monarchy is Going to Sh*T, for instance, will be hosted by Freeform. Then he’s got Lakeside VA, a hospital themed comedy produced by ABC. And, of course, he’ll still be playing Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory.

Anything else you want to let us know about, Mr. Parsons?

Thus far these are all co-producer positions he’s working. Which begs the question, is he trying to strengthen his resume? Does Jim have his eyes on his very own, fully produced show? We can only speculate, but the multi-pronged approach to another comedy show creation is interesting, to say the least.

Hopefully, further details will appear about Lance 2.0 in the coming weeks. Until then, we’ll wait to see if Jim has any other ideas under his hat.