Young Sheldon Merging With The Big Bang Theory?


Will Young Sheldon stay on TV long enough to intersect with Big Bang Theory? Only time will tell. It seems that Jim Parsons hopes and predicts it will stay around for a while.

Jim Parsons on Young Sheldon

Jim Parsons recently spoke out on his role at Young Sheldon. The spin-off series was originally the star’s idea. He has a young nephew who, much like Sheldon, is bright beyond his years. Parsons wanted to pitch a show about him and then realized it would be a perfect set up for Sheldon Cooper. Now we have a series dedicated to explaining just why Sheldon is the way he is.

Iain Armitage plays Sheldon Cooper in the show. He brings a sweeter, more endearing side to Sheldon than Jim has in the past. Of course, everything coming from the mouth of a nine-year-old seems a little sweeter than that of a 30 something. However, Jim Parsons made a good point. If Young Sheldon sticks around long enough, we will eventually have to see Sheldon change into a harder, more brash version than what Iain is currently playing.

Jim told Parade, “I don’t see things like what they’ve touched on, how we’re seeing young Sheldon evolve into who we know him to be on the adult show. I made a joke with Iain, ‘Eventually you’ll get to be more irritating.’ I said it today to him.” This quote leads us to believe Jim predicts the show will stick around long enough to see a large character shift in Cooper. He continued, “It’s like, we’re going to see the slings and arrows of life, and him growing into even more of the person I’m playing. It’s interesting.”

Sheldon’s Shift

Certainly, the adult Sheldon has made a large character shift. He’s grown in empathy and interpersonal understanding tremendously since the show began 10 seasons ago. Jim admitted, “I think that it’s one of the journeys they’ve really worked to take him on. We’ve had several different episodes, it feels like, where Amy’s coaching him in the ways of being empathetic.” It’s kind of neat that when all is said and done audiences will be able to watch Sheldon shift from sweet unassuming baby Sheldon, to rude and blunt young adult Sheldon, back to understanding and empathetic adult Sheldon.

Which Sheldon Cooper is your favorite these days? Have you been watching Young Sheldon?