[SPOILER] This Fan Loved Character Will Probably Return For Season 11…


Professor Proton Likely To Return Season 11

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Many television fans were excited to see a cameo from Bob Newhart on The Big Bang Theory. The comedy legend plays Professor Proton, where he finally earned an Emmy for his work. The forever straight man, Newhart’s comedy remains hilarious.

On the show, Arthur Jeffries has passed away, but that doesn’t mean he’ll never be on the show again. Instead, Professor Proton is playing more of a deceased Obi-Wan Kenobi for Sheldon Cooper.

The ghost-like character now comes to help Sheldon Cooper with marital issues.

The Jedi Ghost Arrives On Set

Professor Proton | Photo Credit CBS
Professor Proton | Photo Credit CBS

The series showrunner dropped a hint that said a “comedy legend” will return this season, so we predict that’ll be Bob Newhart’s character. Originally, the character was killed off back in Season 7 of the series.

Since his “death,” the character has appeared two other times on the show, dressed as a Jedi ghost. It’s likely that he will show up in the November 2 episode of The Big Bang Theory.

But, this isn’t the only reoccurring role he’ll have with the show.

Professor Proton, In His Prime…

Young Sheldon | Photo Credit CBS

In the first episode of Young Sheldon, there’s a scene when Sheldon and his sister are watching television. She wants to watch a cartoon called Duck Tales, but Sheldon insists that they watch Professor Proton.

On the television screen, Bob Newhart has once again reprised the role of Professor Proton, the Bill Nye-like character. He’s on television, telling children about science and how to power a light bulb with a potato.

Since he will likely only be seen on television (and a few decades younger), it’s likely that the show has filmed several instances with the character. This way, they can include him over and over again without having to bring in the actor each time.

As for The Big Bang Theory, there will be a little more work involved. In fact, the next time we see Bob Newhart, it could be the last time. Many of the cast members have said that these next two seasons will be the end of the iconic show.

What is your favorite part about the Professor Proton stories?