TBBT Ep. 9: Fans Ask If Sheldon Cooper’s Insecurities Are Causing THIS Shocking Trend


Over the years, Sheldon Cooper has proven he’s not scared to make a few enemies. While others in his profession are solving critical problems, it would appear that Sheldon spends more time trying to pull off pranks or criticize others.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the latest episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon Cooper has another prank that goes terribly wrong. This time, he even (accidentally) costs his friends tens of thousands of dollars.

But there’s no sign that Sheldon Cooper will ever learn from his mistakes.

Sheldon Cooper Revenge On A Prankster

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In the past, Sheldon got into a prank war with his frenemy, Barry Kripke. Eventually, this led to Kripke leaking helium into Sheldon’s office during a live radio interview. Despite being hysterical, the high-voice made our hero look foolish.

Then, in an effort to right this wrong, Sheldon decided to return the favor by pulling his own prank. He showed Howard and Leonard how he could expand a liquid and then he showed them a video of Kripke’s office.

When the prank went down, the Dean was also in the room and got pranked. Worse yet, Sheldon made it clear he was the one behind the prank.

The Most Deceitful Prank In TBBT History

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In the most recent episode, Sheldon is upset he wasn’t invited to mine for bitcoin seven years before. After the others found bitcoin (now worth thousands like a stock), they discovered the file had been taken from the computer.

Then Sheldon Cooper confessed, believing himself to be clever. “Hmm, who could it have been?” he asked. “”I’m not keeping [the bitcoin]. I just wanted to watch you sweat. It’s on the Batman flash drive on your keychain,” he added with a grin. “You’ve had it in your pocket all along.”

In reality, Leonard lost that keychain years ago. Since Sheldon didn’t back up the file, his prank literally costs all of his friends tens of thousands of dollars.

Hopefully, this will be the last straw that makes our hero stop pranking his friends.

Do you think Sheldon Cooper learned anything from this major mistake?