Everyone Wants To See This Character Reappear Now… But Do You?


Kripke, The Original Sheldon Cooper Nemesis

John Ross Bowie | Photo Credit No Cookie

Before Wil Wheaton arrived on the scene, Barry Kripke was the original Sheldon Cooper nemesis. Kripke entered during Season 2, in an episode called, “The Killer Robot Instability,” where his robot destroyed Howard’s killer robot.

In other episodes, Barry Kripke has been somewhat of a side character, rather than a full-out nemesis. However, when compared to Sheldon Cooper, he’s the exact opposite of the quirky lead.

It’s possible that this Sheldon Cooper nemesis will return soon again.

“Started Making A Living”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS
The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“I grew up in the theater district of New York City which actually discouraged me from an actor because I knew so many people who were struggling at it,” said Kripke actor, John Ross Bowie.

Before a reoccurring role on The Big Bang Theory, John Ross Bowie got his start on commercials. According to the actor, he was 28 before he “started making a living” at being an actor.

Now, he’s also on the new series, Speechless.

Now Hiring: Attention All Nerds

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Originally, Bowie read for the role of Leonard. In his words, they were interviewing every “nerd” in Los Angeles at the time. While he didn’t land the lead role, he did get a reoccurring role on the series.

Regarding a paycheck, Bowie had to live episode to episode. Generally speaking, the writers and staff would let him know about a role a few weeks ahead of time. A day or two before filming, he would get the script.

The actor believes that Kripke wins more than he loses, which makes him a great Sheldon Cooper nemesis. Despite occasionally seeming pathetic with women, Kripke seems to be one of the happier characters on the series.

In real life, Bowie believes the role led him to the new gig on ABC. Speechless also stars Minnie Driver. The duo plays a couple who have a special-needs child in a dramedy about growing up speechless.

Can you picture Bowie as Leonard rather than as Kripke, Sheldon Cooper nemesis?