Penny May Have Actually Done One Huge Thing For Leonard And His Mom’s Relationship


Penny Talks To Leonard About Mom Issues

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Leonard and his mother have a bad relationship. “Be careful,” said Leonard, when he learned his wife was speaking to his mother. Penny seems optimistic about the new relationship.

“You think you’re getting close to her. The next thing you know, you’re getting featured in a book called ‘He’s Doing It On Purpose: Raising A Teenage Bed Wetter,” said Leonard with a sigh.

“It’s not like that,” confirmed Leonard’s wife about the new relationship.

The Mother-in-Law Fiasco

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The Penny and Mother-in-Law relationship began with an accident. At the beginning of the episode, she called for Leonard. Instead, he ran out of the room and Penny decided to try and make small talk.

After learning some facts she didn’t want to know about her Mother-in-Law’s sex life, the two started to bond. Soon, she was calling or texting to speak with her and not Leonard.

Then, Leonard answered, and she was upset it wasn’t her daughter-in-law.

Creating The Bond In A Distant Family

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Leonard’s relationship with his mother has always been troubled because she never really told him she was proud of him. When Sheldon heard this, he felt like he would want a mother who graded her children on their academic abilities.

Luckily, though, Penny started to bond and made things better for everyone. Leonard’s mother appreciates how thoughtful and confident she is and that makes her proud because Leonard chose to marry her.

Without her, it is unlikely that Leonard and his mother would have ever truly bonded. To that regard, she is truly the glue that holds that side of the family together, and she’s being herself to do it.

In the end, Leonard’s mother essentially gave her son the validation he needed and made him cry. When he realized that his wife is her favorite in-law, it made Leonard feel validated as a son.

Penny may have bonded that relationship for good.

What do you think of this new relationship on The Big Bang Theory?