Will Kaley Cuoco Be Leaving The Big Bang Theory? New Announcement Just Hit


Fans of Kaley Cuoco are pumped to know she’s going to be in a new series, but what does that mean for The Big Bang Theory? Sometimes, when an actor takes on a new role, it means ending a current role.

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Hello Giggles

Since The Big Bang Theory doesn’t kill off too many characters, it’s likely the writers will work around Kaley Cuoco new series. However, this could mean that The Big Bang Theory will end after Season 12, as predicted.

The new series The Flight Attendant comes from the novel by the same name.

Kaley Cuoco New Series, ‘The Flight Attendant’

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Daily Mail

The Flight Attendant is a limited series starring Kaley Cuoco. The series also comes from her production company, Norman Productions, in partnership with Warner Brothers.

There’s always a chance that this new show could require for the actress to take a break from The Big Bang Theory, but that’s not for certain at this point. More than likely, the limited run will only be a few episodes, so it hopefully won’t affect her major role on the CBS sitcom.

If she were to leave, however, ratings would likely dive for Season 12 of the show.

Predictions For TBBT Series Finale

Galecki, Cuoco | Photo Credit Instagram

There’s been a rumor that The Big Bang Theory will come to an end after Season 12, and this new should confirm that. After all, many of the other leads on the series have also taken on new roles.

Johnny Galecki is considering reprising his role on the Roseanne reboot, and Jim Parsons is working as narrator and producer for Young Sheldon. Simon Helberg also has taken on a producer role for a new series that involves the CIA.

With all of the stars of the show looking for new jobs, it would appear that the show will be moving on. In Season 11, we’re going to see a wedding between Sheldon and Amy, along with another baby (or two) or Howard and Bernadette.

In Season 12, it’s possible that Leonard and Penny could have children and it’ll also be important to set up Raj with a girlfriend or perhaps a wife.

Do you think The Flight Attendant could mean no more Penny on The Big Bang Theory?