Leonard And Penny Might Welcome A “New” Member To The Family…


We learned something new about Sheldon Cooper in the latest Big Bang that could change Leonard and Penny relationship. It all comes back to something from Sheldon’s youth.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Essentially, the boy was scared of dogs at an early age. Now, he’s still scared of dogs, but he told us that his D&D character likes dogs. However, both versions of Sheldon Cooper still avoid dogs because the other version is also allergic.

“Why don’t we have a dog?” asked Penny as a joke.

Leonard And Penny Talk Dogs

Kaley Cuoco | Photo Credit Hello Giggles

Despite the joke, we know that actress Kaley Cuoco loves animals and would likely appreciate having a puppy on set. At home, she and boyfriend Karl Cook have several dogs and horses that they care for.

It’s funny that this little joke on the latest Big Bang Theory is related to the actress and the series. But, if you think about it, it might actually be a good idea for Leonard and Penny to get a puppy on the series.

After all, everyone else seems to be moving along, so perhaps this could represent growth for the couple.

The Future Of Leonard And Penny

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

In Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory, the series arc will revolve around Sheldon and Amy getting married. In addition, Howard and Bernadette are also preparing for their second child.

As for Leonard and Penny, however, they seem to be content, but it’s possible that they also want more. So far, we haven’t seen any indication that they want to have children or even move into a home.

While these two factors aren’t necessary for newlyweds, they are often expected. If, however, the couple decided to get a dog, it would make sense for their relationship. It would represent responsibility and growth as a couple.

If they do not, however, we do get to see Penny help out with Howard and Bernadette’s baby girl. This was a major shock to the audience as well as the characters, but she did a great job as a babysitter.

Maybe this one-time gig will make Penny want to settle down and have one of her own.

Do you think Leonard and Penny will get a puppy or a baby this season?