They Dared Sheldon To Do This For A Month, 90% Of Fans Think He Can’t…


“Last time we [started a movie without Sheldon Cooper ], he didn’t talk to us for a month,” said Howard Wolowitz. The gang waited for a moment, then Howard quickly added, “So do it!”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

When the gang is sharing a meal together, they’re usually watching a movie over at Leonard and Penny’s apartment. This time, Sheldon Cooper and Amy are on their way up the stairs while Sheldon live-texts his every action.

“Sorry, we’re late. Amy took forever tying my shoe,” said Sheldon as he finally burst into through the door.

Sheldon Cooper, Master Of Social Settings

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In reality, of course, nothing will keep Sheldon Cooper quiet for a full month. More often than not, he’s known for shouting his opinion from the rooftops. Sometimes it even comes at the expense of his friends.

In “The Tesla Recoil,” Sheldon even goes behind Leonard and Howard’s backs on a project. Despite being a genius, most of the problems in Sheldon’s life come from his problems in social settings.

In the end, this makes Sheldon question whether he’s more like Tesla or more like Edison.

Is Sheldon More Like Edison Or Tesla?

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

“Edison was kind of a publicity hog and a bully,” confirmed Leonard. Raj confirmed that Edison even electrocuted an elephant just to make himself famous. This, of course, was about the feud between Edison and Tesla.

Today, there’s a new feud between The Big Bang Theory. Like Tesla and Edison, there’s a major feud between Barry Kripke and Sheldon Cooper. In this episode, Sheldon believes himself to be Tesla, but his actions are more like Edison.

Because Sheldon Cooper goes behind the backs of Leonard and Howard, when he pitches an idea to the military without them, he’s like Edison. As the rumor goes, Edison stole many ideas, including the one for the light bulb.

By the end of the episode, however, it would appear that Sheldon, Leonard, and Howard are all like Tesla. This happens because Kripke steals all of their ideas and proves himself to be the new Edison.

Do you think Sheldon Cooper will ever be quiet again for a full month?