Will The Big Bang’s Johnny Galecki Return For Roseanne Reboot?

By Brock Swinson | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-09-06

Roseanne’s Final Season On ABC

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Two decades ago, back in 1997, the hit series Roseanne went off the air. The show was on ABC for nine seasons and one of the young stars on the show was Johnny Galecki who now stars as Leonard on The Big Bang Theory.

The show ended on a note where there would be no reunion. Lead character Dan died, while Roseanne’s sister Jackie came out of the closet and Becky and Darlene swapped boyfriends.

The network wants to bring back the show and they’re essentially going to ignore the plots of the final season.

Creating An “Unflinching” Comedy

Johnny Galecki | Photo Credit Roseanne

ET Online writes:

“Dan is very much alive,” [ABC President Channing] Dungey confirmed, clarifying that the revival won’t necessarily be “ignoring the events of the finale.” “I’m not going to talk too specifically [about the aftermath of the finale revelations].”

“Joining Barr in the revival are Goodman, Gilbert, Metcalf, Goranson, Chalke (in another role) and Michael Fishman. Dungey revealed that negotiations with current Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki are “still in progress” for him to return in some capacity.”

“We’ve now heard the broad strokes of the creative for these eight episodes. I’m confident it will return to the show we knew and loved,” Dungey said, adding that the tone of the revival will be “tonally similar to the original show.” “It’s unflinching. It’s honest. It’s irreverent at times and it’s also really, really funny,” she added.

Johnny Galecki On The Big Bang Theory

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On The Big Bang Theory, the focus has been on Sheldon’s proposal to Amy, which will be uncovered in the Season 11 premiere. In addition, it’s also possible that Howard and Bernadette will have a second child.

As for Leonard and Penny, we predict they’ll soon be expecting as well. The only thing left is for Raj to find love on the show.

Will you watch the Roseanne reboot if Johnny Galecki returns?

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