Why Producers Were Adamant To Keep Young Sheldon and Big Bang Separate


Have you noticed there hasn’t been much crossover between The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon this year? We would think the show would be mentioning or nodding to the spin-off series all the time. However, it seems the marketing and creation team at CBS have been keeping the two separate in viewers minds on purpose. Here’s why.

Young Sheldon Must Stand on its Own

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When we heard that there would be a Big Bang Theory spin-off series we were over the moon excited. Especially when it was announced that the show would follow Sheldon Cooper’s early life. We figured there was bound to be tons of crossover. However, that hasn’t been the case. Though the two shoes are played back to back, they never mention one another. There are never little Easter eggs left about the two series. Apparently, this is all on purpose.

It’s a clever move. Chuck Lorre really wanted Young Sheldon to be able to stand on its own. He said, “We never wanted to [necessarily] lean on Big Bang. I mean, the only real thread between the two is Jim’s voice [narrating Young Sheldon]. So, it was just really important to build a show that lives and dies by its own merits.” 

It Will Go on Further

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Why must Young Sheldon stand on its own and build its own life? Most likely Lorre predicts the show will continue longer than Big Bang. It seems all signs point to The Big Bang Theory ending after season 12. Mayim Bialik recently revealed that many of the cast members are itching to conquer other projects. She said, “I think everyone will be really happy to do other things in their life. We really do love what we do. Our work place is a fun place and like I said, to be doing old-school sitcom is pretty special for us.”

Jim Parsons also revealed that there is a hint of sentimentality on set, perhaps because the end is near. He said, “I will tell you that, for whatever reason, they’ve all been enjoyable seasons, but as far as camaraderie goes, the frivolity on the set, just the jovial atmosphere, has never been at a more pitched degree than it is this season… Now, I don’t know if that’s because everyone is like, ‘I think the end is near,’ or just because it’s uncertain now, where we’ve gone through so many seasons we’ve been lucky enough to know certainly what was going on.”

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