Discover The Most Underappreciated TBBT Guest Star Of All Time


Last week, Neil Gaiman joined the long and acclaimed list of The Big Bang Theory guest stars. However, his role on the show was unique. While most guest stars on the series are treated like royalty by Sheldon and the gang, Gaiman was barely noticed.

Who Is Neil Gaiman?

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For those of you wondering, “who is Neil Gaiman?” look no further. Gaiman is the latest of comic, science, and nerd icons to grace the Big Bang Theory stage. He joins the likes of Stephen Hawking, Leonard Nimoy, James Earl Jones, Carrie Fisher, Steve Wozniak, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

Gaiman is an incredibly accomplished author. He’s the brilliant mind behind the comic book series The Sandman, a favorite of Sheldon and his friends’. However, they didn’t seem to recognize him when they had the chance.

He Wasn’t the Typical Guest Star

A typical guest star appearance on Big Bang Theory brings laughs and plenty of plot twists. The gang tends to take things over the top, especially when meeting their idols.

For example, Sheldon was willing to become Howard’s slave just to spend time with Stephen Hawking. He also carried on through an entire night of pranks with James Earl Jones. When Howard met Elon Musk, he was even willing to stay extra long at the soup kitchen.

In fact, a typical Big Bang Theory guest appearance typically follows a predictable routine: men meet one of their heroes. Men can’t handle meeting their heroes. Someone acts poorly. Problem ensues.

That wasn’t the cast for Neil Gaiman. Perhaps the TBBT writers realized they needed to shake things up for this particular episode. Instead of the men’s usual emotional reaction to a star, they didn’t even realize they were in the presence of greatness.

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