BREAKING: The Fan’s ALL TIME Favorite Character Revealed – See Who Made It To #1!

By Laura Scroggins | Monday Monday Staff -    2017-01-12

The ALL Time Fav Is… 

Who takes home the prize as television’s most loved character? By sz0931.com.

If you are like me, you may have wondered who is the all-time favorite character on The Big Bang Theory. For some, the answer is immediately clear. But as the seasons have progressed and our characters develop more, fan loyalties can easily swing around. Here are some contestants and their stats.


Penny is sexy, stylish, and smarter than we give her credit for by suwalls.com.

While not the center of attention on the show, Penny certainly brings a certain gritty charm to the scientific air. Her personality clash with the rest of the gang creates a great atmosphere for humor. Not to mention her struggle to find herself in her career is very relatable. But some of her stats may surprise us.

On Facebook, as of writing this post, there are 59,000 people “talking” about Penny. Instagram plays host to around 5k #Penny posts. In many of the polls, she came in as runner-up for favorite character.


Amy is an emotional and frank character we all have come to love as part of Shamy! By youtube.com.

Amy is the Juliet to Sheldon’s off-putting version of Romeo. She is brilliant, patient, and frank to the point of being one of the funniest characters. People vouch for their love for Amy Farrah Fowler in comments on posts about her. But what do the numbers say?

Amy does not have a huge following on Facebook. But on Instagram we see #amyfarrahfowler at 48,000 posts. Her role in the show has developed more slowly, only fully blossoming in the last year or so. As such, her fans have grown to steadily like her more and more. In recent polls, she has been coming up higher in the top after Sheldon.


Leonard is perhaps the coolest nerd on the show if a bit obsessed by wallpapersfolder.com.

Perhaps a surprising choice. But Galecki has won People’s Choice for the role, so someone must love him the most! And why not? He is kind of a lost nerd boy who shoots high. We spend most of the series watching him try and deal with living with Sheldon.

On Facebook, the fictional character Leonard has 45K likes and 51K are talking about him. On Instagram #leonardhofstadter has been used 31,000 times. That is a lot of Leonard love. Don’t get jealous Penny.


Sheldon is our super genius super geek and super favorite character by youtube.com.

Unquestionably he is one of the most, unique characters in history. He is narcissistic, selfish, childish, awkward, clueless, and even somewhat autistic. But he also has a soft side where his childish nature makes him seem innocent and vulnerable. He shows he loves and cares for his friends in unconventional ways.

The others all had some impressive numbers, but Sheldon blows them all away. His Facebook page has 1.7 million likes and 95,000 are talking about him. #Sheldon has 314,000 posts and #sheldoncooper has 210,000.  Almost every poll has Sheldon Cooper pulling in on top. Not be a little. On CBS.com polls, Sheldon had 49% of the vote (2012) while the runner up, being Penny, had 17%. That is a super duper majority if there ever was one.


Sheldon Cooper gets the spotlight once again by wall.alphacoders.com.

It seems Sheldon has always been the favorite and may always be. But his girlfriend Amy has been seen rising lately. Is this due to her character, or the fact that she is dating Sheldon Cooper, television’s most loved character?

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