The Latest TBBT Episode Is Raising This 1 Question About Bernadette…


It’s not unusual for Bernadette to be a little angry on The Big Bang Theory. After all, she’s currently pregnant, married to Howard, and often forced to be around Sheldon. But in the latest episode, she’s perhaps the most enraged we’ve ever seen.

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

This all starts when Howard arranges an appointment to get a vasectomy. After the couple got pregnant twice in two years, they decided no more kids. Howard makes a comical trip to the doctor and then he needs to get some rest.

Bernadette also visits the doctor who tells her she’s overdoing it and needs to get some rest, alongside her husband. This leads to Penny helping out the couple.

Penny Helps Out As Bernadette Rests

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

Usually, Raj and Stuart are there to help, but this time they’re busy. Penny is visiting the happy couple when she learns they need some help around the house. She cares for their daughter, Halley, and even makes snacks for the couple.

However, they simply do not trust her. After Penny makes a joke about dipping the baby’s pacifier in bourbon, the two are truly scared for Halley. Plus, they can’t tell if she’s joking or not (and neither can we).

They call in Amy to come in and check on Penny. “We don’t think you’re irresponsible,” confirmed Amy. “We think you’re fun-loving…”

Baby Halley Calls Another Woman “Mama”

The Big Bang Theory | Photo Credit CBS

At the end of the episode, Howard and Bernadette are listening to Penny take care of the baby over the baby monitor. Howard is reading a book while Bernadette is working from home on her computer.

“You’re auntie Penny loves you so much,” she told the baby. About this time, we hear a gentle “Ma-ma” come over the airwaves. This, of course, leads to a facial expression on Bernadette’s face that we’ve never seen before.

Baby Halley has mixed up the two-caring blond women and calls the wrong one “Mama!” Moving from anger to sadness for an instant, Bernie turns to her husband and asks, “Was that her first word?” Halley said it again.

“No, I’m not your mama. Your mama is the nice lady we’re doing to go see right now so I can rub this in her face,” said Penny over the monitor. Then, she said, “Do you hear that suckers? She called me mama.”

Do you think we’ll see Bernadette get payback on Penny?