Every Fan Is Asking This Mystery Question About Love On TBBT


Despite our love for Shamy (Sheldon and Amy), Leonard and Penny remain the core couple on The Big Bang Theory. Over the years, the will-they-won’t-they chemistry has created some hilarious and touching moments.

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“I’m not perfect,” said Penny at Halloween. In a touching moment, Penny and Leonard share a first kiss while dressed as a cat and hobbit. Not long after this kiss, Penny finds herself heartbroken again. When looking for someone nice, Leonard steps up to the plate.

“What about me?” asked Leonard. “What about if you went out with me?”

The Big Bang Theory Shows Reveals “First Time”

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“This is actually gonna happen,” said Leonard Hofstadter the first time they were in bed together. At Penny’s apartment, she tries to keep the romance going by telling him to quiet down, but he’s too excited.

Later on, we remember the first time Penny said she loved Leonard. “Why do you always do this? Listen to me, you are the one I’m with. You know I love you. So will you please relax, because you’re driving me crazy?”

Then, there’s the proposal.

The Proposal, The Marriage, And Beyond

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While Leonard’s proposal wasn’t quite as epic as Sheldon Cooper’s cliffhanger Season 10 proposal, it was equally special. “Oh my God, yes!” said Penny in her apartment to her future husband.

After the proposal came the wedding. “As a scientist, my job is to figure out how things happen, but I don’t think I’ll understand how somebody like me can end up with somebody like you,” said Leonard Hofstadter.

Thanks to some clever thinking by Leonard and Penny, we actually got to see two weddings from these two. The first happened in Vegas and the second happened for Leonard’s parents to attend.

In addition to their many ups and downs, the most recent episode of The Big Bang Theory also reminded us of their love. In a webcam video during a break-up, Penny confessed her undying love for Leonard.

All in all, these two will remain the core couple for the group.

Do you think Leonard and Penny are ready to start thinking about children?